Who is the writer of this blog?

And who am I? Well, please sit down with a nice cup of tea whilst I explain. My name is Alan Warren and I am a 48 year old who having spent my time  renovating an old chapel in the Welsh valleys and have now moved permanently to Catalunya. For the past few years I had been dealing in books on history, and in July 2003 began publishing firstly reprints of hard to find books on the International Brigades as Warren & Pell Publishing. We are now publishing original works and memoirs from the ever dwindling number of survivors. Out of 2000 there are now only 8 alive who went from Britain.

Whilst not making a fortune and just squeaking by, as we pass through the seventieth anniversary of the Spanish Civil War I hope that interest grows and that the general reader can peruse our ever-increasing range of books now available. If you wish to take a peep then look up our website www.warrenandpellpublishing.co.uk for further information. 

After a lot of thought I will now place book publicity on this blog too. I am not entirely comfortable with using a free blog to publicise what I do, but I hope that the host allow this.

Needless to say, it is a fascinating subject and the publishing of such books is a great pleasure and honour for me.

As I said earlier, I now spend my time in Catalunya doing research on the battle of the Ebro and enjoying the culture and climate of the area. As I found  it difficult and frustrating to balance my time between Wales and Catalunya I have now made the move to Catalunya and can now offer tours around the various battlefields to those interested. I know that some readers like their books posted as if it was fresh fish in the post, but I always believe that half the pleasure is in the waiting!

See the page “Ebro Battlefield Tours and further afield” page here as to what I have to offer interested clients

If you would like further information on what I can offer then please do not hesitate to contact me on hill705@gmail.com

It has been a while since I updated this blog but now I will try and keep it fresh and interesting (It all helps if one remembers the bloody username and password too!). All the cultural changes I have been experiencing since moving  twelve months ago make life very interesting and I must really learn how to use this blog more effectively to inform you and also to be a useful sounding board about what is going on in Catalunya to ‘recover the memory’ of the Spanish Civil War.

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