Ebro Battlefield Tours and further afield….


John and Claire at the XV Brigade memorial below Hill 666 in the Sierra Pandols. October 2009.

Since May 2007 I have been showing visitors around the Ebro battlefield whilst also conducting further research on the battlefield in relation to the 35th Division. I have been pleasantly surprised by the comments received and now feel confident in providing such tours to those interested in visiting not only the Ebro but also Teruel, Belchite, the Great Retreats, Jarama, Brunete, Barcelona in the Spanish Civil War, the Ruta Orwell in Los Monegros and now the Segre Front with some very unusual things to see and experience connected to the battles there in a beautiful area little known by tourists (However the XV Brigade was only in reserve here in May 1938 during the Segre Offensive!). People who I have taken there want to go again just to explore the area regardless of the War!

Just one example of the masses off propaganda art preserved on the walls of the privately owned Escola Militar at Artesa de Segre

Miliciano Roma Marquez Santo beside the remains of a Russian T 26 tank on the banks of the River Segre


Claire, John and Len examining a mortar fuse found at the Ebro

I will slowly add details of the tours that I offer but an example is displayed below and if you are wanting to make a bespoke tour please contact me to discuss your specific requirements and I can easily make up an appropriate tour to suit your needs. In truth each tour is tailormade to suit the client and in time I will try and put on recommendations from many satisfied clients who are also now friends in this fascinating subject of the study of the International Brigades.

The Bullring at Teruel. December 1937 

The children of George Fletcher, second in command of the British battalion in front of Teruel bullring, June 2009

TYPICAL TOUR OF THE EBRO (usually Friday to Monday)


Meet at Reus (or Barcelona) airport 

Drive to Marca where the XV Brigade was based before the battle of the Ebro

 View Ajuntament at  Marca  Chabola Valley, John Cookson’s grave, the Paper Mill, the Intendencia and place where Robert Capa photographed Milton Wolff and Alun Menai Williams in the farewell parade.


Drive to Asco where XV Brigade crossed on 25th July 1938. Follow advance of the XV Brigade towards Gandesa

Sleep at guesthouse near Vilalba dels Arcs



Trenches at Les Devees (Hill 536) near La Fatarella

Ossuary at Les Camposines War Memorial

Follow route of XV Brigade towards Gandesa

Visit old village of Corbera. 


Visit Hill 481

Visit to la Trinxeras museum
(http://www.ebreguia.com/latrinxera/). If you ask nicely the owner dishes out cartridges found on the battlefield, but I can promise you that you will find your own fragments of shells, bullets and numerous other material of war as we walk around! 



 Hill 705

View Hill 666 from Hill 705. Maybe walk up to Hill 666?

Visit XV Brigade memorial below Hill 666?

Picnic lunch

Visit last stand of XV Brigade on 23rd September 1938.

Return to guest house for supper


      Visit the Cave Hospital at La Bisbal de Falset.

       Return to Reus (or Barcelona) airport for flight home.

PRICE  For one person 500 euros, 2 persons 450 euros each, 3 persons 380 euros each and 4 persons 300 euros each. Full board, transport and expert guidance but this does not include flights. Clients arrange their own flights to Spain. Assistance can be provided to find the cheapest flights available on www.skyscanner.net

For further details and to discuss your trip contact Alan Warren on hill705@gmail.com

Alan Warren

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